Welcome to The Sound Company.

Established in 2008 Discotronic has grown from strength to strength and is now The Sound Company, taking a fresh approach to the equipment hiring industry. We are consistently adding new industry standard gear to our collection as well as setting the bar by being the first hiring company in South-Africa to stock the mighty Funktion-One brand. Working with some of the best local and  international DJs we can assure you of some great entertainment.

We cater to a wide variety of events from corporate to club, weddings and kids birthdays, excelling in the small to medium sized events and ensuring that whatever we do is done at the highest standard and with the best intentions. We maintain high work ethics; we love what we do, and it shows. Work with us and you will not be disappointed, that’s our guarantee. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the country such as SAA, Lombard, and Bidvest to name just a few.  Visit our gallery to see some of our events. 

Why Choose Us?

When planning an event, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, corporate function or any other type of function, anything from formal to informal, there are 2 crucial things to remember, namely sound and lighting. These are two of the most important keys to any great event and with the economy of South Africa being what it is today, you need to make use of a professional company that will give you value for your money and we can do just that. We are The Sound Company or otherwise known as Discotronic. We have a wide variety of equipment for hire, such as speakers, amplifiers, 6 different types of lighting equipment, microphones, smoke machine and liquid, bubble machines with their liquid, DJ Equipment, mixing desks, projectors& screens, generators & 3 phase power supplies, staging, podiums / lecterns and trussing. We also have 2 types of packages available, namely the PA System Package, which is available in 4 different variations and then the Party Package, which is perfect for parties of up to around 150 people. The Sound Company is also very proud to announce that we have the world’s number 1 sound system at hand, called the Funktion-One. This system is available in a variety of configurations and is suitable for events where high quality is crucial. At The Sound Company we make use of very talented, professional DJ’s and Musicians that will be made available to you at your request. Make your event one to remember and make use of our excellent equipment and other services. Make use of The Sound Company.


About Us

Reliability, consistency, quality and expediency. These are some of the qualities musicians and DJ’s look for when shopping for a sound equipment hiring company.  Contrary to popular belief, the life of a musician or DJ is never just wine and roses. It can be incredibly fast paced, not to mention hectic. Musicians rely on sound companies to hire out the equipment they need in order to host a successful concert or show. Not just the equipment, mind you, but the delivery, correct setup and testing of the equipment is an absolute prerequisite for most, if not all performers. Just imagine, as a performer, showing up at a venue half an hour before your performance is about to start and the sound people are still scurrying about doing mike-checks and the stage is in abject chaos with cables and components lying everywhere. As a performer, would you rely on that company’s services again? Obviously not.

At The Sound Company, you’ll never have to worry about such services because, when it comes to providing state-of-the-art equipment, delivery and setup services, we love what we do and, if you look closely, you’ll find that that’s a claim not many sound equipment hire businesses can make. Providing sound for major music events and to famous musicians may sound exciting and glamorous initially but it requires a passion not only for the music but also for the equipment and setup. Thanks to our exceptional services concerts can be performed, weddings can be held, vocal artists and DJ’s can showcase their talents and providing an exceptional service. Knowing that you’ve played an integral part in this event is its own reward. At The Sound Company, that passion is what drives us to excel at delivering the best sound services possible.

We started small in 2008 but, through our years of superb services and a singular dedication to our customers, Discotronic as we were known then has evolved into the successful company it is today. Of course, every company owes its success to its dedicated, hardworking employees. Regardless of the type of equipment you need like speakers, amplifiers, stage lighting, microphones and even smoke and bubble machines, you can be sure to find it right here by us. Our prices and packages are some of the most comprehensive, not to mention most comprehensively priced in the industry and we have a wide variety of packages specifically geared to suit your needs. So, as a performer, you expect the best sound and the best services. At The Sound Company, we will be sure not to disappoint you.


Just take a look at our amazing sound services:

  • We rent out the latest state-of-the-art speakers and amps, lighting solutions, microphones and DJ equipment, mixing decks, projectors and screens, generators and 3-phase power supplies, staging, podiums, lecterns and trussing.
  • We rent out the best special effect machines like light systems, smoke, bubble and liquid machines and fog machines for raves, foam parties etc.
  • Here at The Sound Company we have a few phenomenal DJ’s at our disposal. Call us today and get Jeff Dix, DJ Saint D or DJ Mo to liven up your party or event.
  • No party or event is complete without the setting up of sound and equipment. Not only do we rent out top quality equipment but our skilled technicians and sound guys do the whole set-up for you so you can focus on the important stuff, like entertaining your guests.