Projectors & Screens For Hire


  • Optoma 2500 Lumens Projector For Hire - R650

This is a standard projector that can be connected to most computers/ laptops/ DVD players. We have a variety of converters and cables to ensure a quality connection. The projector is best used in darker areas or at night, and the projector is best paired with the below screen.

The projector is best placed in line with the bottom of the projector screen, and a few meters in front of it, also the shorter the cable from the source such as a laptop, to the projector the better the quality will be.


  • 1.7m x 1.7m Tripod Projector Screen For Hire - R350

This is a portable roll-up screen on a tripod stand that pairs well with the above projector. Although the screen is a square, the normal size of the projected image is a rectangle and the screen can be adjusted to fit the picture exactly for a professional look.